Sunday, March 28, 2010


Well I guess it's time for my semi-annual update of my blog. I really had intentions of staying on top of this and updating alot ( and i still have those intentions...). I wanted to tell family and friends about what was happening in my life, and also keep up with their blogs.

Although I do want to do the above, I think I want to start using this blog as more of a free writing type forum, where I can just kind of vent, or write whatever I want, because I feel like writing it. Maybe stories, idea's, thoughts, complaints, etc... I think from now on I'm going to update this more for me, and less to be informative to everyone else.

It does sound a little selfish, but I feel like if I do it this way, it will better for me to update and visit it more often.

So... here goes, its just random streams of thought, not always going to make sense or follow a logical path.. but I feel like writing so I'm going to do it.

Right now i'm sitting outside watching a thunderstorm on my porch in clemson. I really like this apartment, although I don't really like the management here. This storm was only really exciting for about 5-10 minutes, and other than that it has just been heavy rain. Heavy rain comes to clemson all the time, but storms have been very rare as of late.

I don't have any schoolwork to do today, so it has been a little odd, i feel like i'm being lazy and wasting my day, even though there isn't anything pressing to do. i sat around earlier watching a friend play video games earlier for 2 hours. It was awful. Not that I don't like him, but i felt like everything he did while playing was the exact opposite of how i would have done it, so it was fairly aggravating to watch.

I really wanted to go see that comedy movie "She's Out of My League" today, but no one else shared my enthusiasm, I'll probably not get to see it in theaters, which is of course the best way to see a movie. Things like that make me miss back in high school hanging out w/ JC and we used to do dumb things like that. I guess I could go see it alone, but that wouldn't really be 'socially acceptable,' I guess it would make me seem like a loser? But I've never really been bothered by any of that, I like doing stuff alone, and i'm perfectly ok being alone, in fact sometimes thats exactly what i want.

Speaking of JC, I really want to go see him in charleston, I know that now he is a bit of a party animal, but i still feel like brothers with the kid. we were so close at one time and now that we don't talk anymore I kind of miss that. Don't get me wrong, the kid is crazy, and honestly not alot like me at all, but that was alot of the fun of it, we had different views on Everything, but we still had a great time. Maybe I'll call him soon, and maybe go see him, I think it would be really good to see him and his family again. They'll probably make fun of me for getting fat, oh well.

Thats enough, i feel better actually.