Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back In Clemson

Well, It's fall, summer is over, and I'm back in school.

I really enjoyed summer, especially being able to see My neices and nephew on a daily basis. They are growing wayyy too fast, and they are soo fun to play with! I'll miss Gabe, Ellie, and Maggie every day!

As much as I loved summer, I love being at Clemson that much and more. And it's not just about being away, or not working the 9-5. I miss my family alot, but being here is like being in a different world. Clemson as a place is so alive, so exciting, and so fun. I like going to class, and seeing all the other students in their routines too, freshmen who don't know where they are holding up huge maps, and us seniors, who by now know our way around all too well. Everything about this place, even the boring parts are just awesome to me. I'm definitely going to miss 'college life' this time next year.

I've got some pictures of my new apartment for all to see, I'm not good at uploading pictures on here so i hope it works.

This is my kitchen, kinda small but not bad, in the background is the laundry room
This is a shot at my bedroom, a little bare but oh well, I like it. HUGE Closet in the background
Another shot in my bedroom, and Yes, Mom, I do keep my room clean.

The couch and other chair facing the enormous TV

This is the living room, as you come in the front door, to see the couch, dining area and kitchen.

That's all for now, more later.

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