Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Haven't posted in a while

I haven't really posted in a while, so I thought I'd get on and just ramble a little.

I had a really good time in Alabama this past weekend, I love seeing the niece and nephew!

The new house is pretty sweet, manland and the pool are gonna be fun this summer.

While I was down, I went to practice w/ Jake and did some Brazilian Jujitsu with Chad, I really like it, and I think that if I worked at it, I could become pretty good, most of it came pretty naturally to me, because of my wrestling  background.

However, it's still not wrestling, I love wrestling, and it will always be my favorite sport, I don't think I'll ever like any sport more.

I've got some laundry, studying, working out, and other stuff to do, so I'm gone for now, unless I think of something fun to write about

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