Friday, February 6, 2009

My Big Toe

So, some of you may know, some of you may not know about the rather disgusting issue I have on my toe, so here goes the story...

It may seem a little gross, if so, I apologize..

So about a week ago, I had a hangnail, and I pulled it.

Normal so far, but it began to hurt more than a normal hangnail, and just kept nagging me and nagging me.

After a day or two it hurt extremely bad, causing extreme discomfort to walk or especially to run or do anything athletic.  It was constantly throbbing and I knew something wasn't right.  Upon looking at it, it was swollen, red, and purple around half of the toe-nail.  

I decided to get it checked out, the doctor looked at it, kinda poked and prodded it a little, and said without even the slightest hesitation "I know exactly what that is."

"It's called Paronychia"  And she began to describe to me exactly what was going on...
-She informed me that my toenail had been 'traumatized' and it wanted to start growing inward, like an ingrown toe-nail, however my body didn't like it, and started building more tissue to fight against the nail growth in order to push it back in the normal direction.  Well in doing so, some of the extra tissue began to protrude from my toe... Paronychia.

so for the past 5-6 days, I've been giving my foot4 hot salt-water baths daily, along with antibiotics, regular cleaning with peroxide, and neosporin.  

It's getting smaller everyday and soon hopefully everything will work itself out, however my Dr. actually seems to not want it to work out for the best, by dropping hints that she looked forward to having the chance to operate if things didn't go as planned.

VERY odd lady.

That's the disgusting story for the day, maybe an update to come later. 

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